Personal Training

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We are dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, reshape your body, or improve your overall health. If you're serious about getting results, using a personal trainer is one of the smartest steps you can take. Let one of our experienced, nationally certified trainers help you reach your goals. Trainers can assist you in setting goals, teach you proper technique, and measure results that matter.
 We also offer private personal training for Gymnastics, Yoga, Krav Maga, and Pilates. Personal training is available for members and non-members!

A personal trainer will help bring you to a new level of physical conditioning by:

  • Diversifying your workouts
  • Building cardiovascular endurance
  • Improving strength
  • Increasing flexibility through Power Stretching
  • Helping you understand the fundamentals of an effective exercise program
  • Making sure you use the equipment properly and safely

Personal Training Rates:

Member Individual Session Fees:
Half-Hour Session $40
5 Session Half-Hour Package $195
10 Session Half Hour Package $390
One-Hour Session $55
5 - One Hour Session Package $265
10 - One Hour Session Package $520

Member Small Group Training (Buddy Sessions) Fees:
1 Hour $40 per person for 2 People
1 Hour $35 per person for 3-4 People

Ready to sign up for personal training?
Contact Mandy Kelley, Fitness Center Director, at or (901) 259-9212 OR fill out the personal training interest form!

Payment Policy: It is our policy that personal training sessions are paid for at the Member Services Desk prior to meeting with your trainer.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled sessions. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full to Client. In the event that one or more buddies cancel leaving an individual to train solo, individual rates will apply. See above rates.
Health History Information: Be sure that you provide your trainer with any and all information pertinent to your health status, as it will directly affect the design of your program. Safety is our number one priority.
Communication: Be sure that you have your personal trainer's phone number(s) so that you can communicate with them in a timely manner. Contact your trainer directly for cancellations. DO NOT LEAVE MESSAGES AT THE JCC unless it is a last minute cancellation and you cannot get in touch with your trainer in any other way.

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Grayson Andrews
Certifications: NASM Personal Trainer/Fitness Expertise: Long-time advocate oh physical fitness and former collegiate athlete
Fitness Interests: Weight training, functional training, and weight loss
Availability: By appointment
Personal Philosophy: "Consistency is key."

Cindy Barrack
Certifications: AFAA personal trainer, TRX suspension trainer, FITour indoor cycling, FITour pilates, yogafit
Fitness Expertise: 2 years of fitness experience working with seniors, adults and teens of all fitness levels
Fitness Interests: Anything that gets my heart rate up and my muscles working. Kickboxing, spinning, strength training, tennis, yoga, running with my daughters and daily walks with my dog
Personal Philosophy: "It’s not where you place, it’s how hard you worked to get there." ― Author Unknown

Kate Basar
Certifications: Athletic Trainer NATA since 1997, Personal Trainer CSCS since 2000, Pilates Instructional TRX, Spinning
Fitness expertise: Prevention and rehabilitation specialist including personal training since 1997; all ages and fitness levels, and chronic pain management. M.A. Health Education Michigan State. Pain Clinic University of Chicago Pain Clinic
Fitness Interests: road biking, deep water running, pilates, weight training, cardiovascular training
Personal Philosophy: I firmly believe health is all about preventing and slowing the aging process.

Lindsay Boggan

Certifications: ACSM Personal Trainer, Fitour Spin Instructor, Mad Dog Spin Instructor for 10 years, Balanced Bodies Reformer Pilates, Freemotion Certified Instructor.
Fitness Expertise: 10 years of experience working with ages 5-85 on both an individual and group level. Taught Bootcamp, Youth and High School Fitness, Youth and Adult Cycle.
Fitness Interests: loves group fitness classes, running 5k- Marathons, Bikram yoga, and outdoor activities with her boys.
Personal Philosophy: "If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!" ― Fred DeVito

Callie Burgess
Education: Bachelors of Arts in Psychology
Certifications: NASM Personal Trainer, TRX Certified
Fitness Interests: Functional training, circuit training, HIIT, yoga, weight training, running
Availability: By appointment
Personal Philosophy: Challenge your limits, change your life.

Lizzie Burgess
Certification: NASM CPT
Fitness Experience: Experienced with a variety of fitness levels
Interests: Weight Lifting, Circuit Training, Cycling, Hiking, Sports
Availability: By appointment 
Personal Philosophy: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable 

Colleen Ellis

Certifications: AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer, AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, FITour Indoor Cycling Instructor, TRX Suspension Training, and FITour Pilates Instructor
Fitness Expertise: 5 years of fitness experience working with people of all ages and fitness levels
Fitness Interests: Running and weight training
Personal Philosophy: "Fitness is a lifestyle for a lifetime." ― Author Unknown

Lauren Gardner
Certifications: AFAA personal trainer, TRX certified
Fitness Expertise: 1.5 years of fitness experience working with people of all ages and fitness levels
Fitness Interests: All Sports, TRX, and weight loss
Personal Philosophy: "Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live." ― Jim Rohn

Wayne Gutch
National Trainer and Sport Exercise Association
Wayne enjoys helping people set realistic goals & helping them through every step of their fitness journey. Wayne uses exercise to help his clients improve both their mental and physical well-being. Let Wayne show you how exercise can be fun!

Kyle Jackson
Education: BS in Health Promotion
Experience: ACSM CPT-Personal trainer since 2013 with clients of all ages and both genders
Availability: Mornings, early afternoons, weekends
Philosophy: The greatest wealth is your health, so let's sit less and move more!

Mandy Kelley
Certifications: AFAA Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Exercise Instructor
Fitness Expertise: Exercise and Sport Science Major from the University of Memphis
Fitness Interests: Body weight training, weight loss, and overall wellness
Availability: Mornings and evenings
Personal Philosophy: "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!" ― Fred DeVito

Eric Seligstein
Certifications: ACSM Personal Trainer
Fitness Expertise: All Ages and Fitness Levels
Fitness Interests: All sports, General Fitness, Staying Active
Availability: Early Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings
Personal Philosophy: “ Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.” - Unknown

Kate Richards
Certifications: AFAA certified personal fitness trainer, FITour certified boot camp and indoor cycle instructor. YMCA certified Group-X group fitness instructor. B.S. in Zoology UNC-Chapel Hill.
Fitness Expertise: Over 8 years of experience including martial arts and fitness training individuals and groups.
Fitness Interests: Natural bodybuilding, nutrition, cycling, trail running and martial arts.
Personal Philosophy: Strength, balance, endurance and flexibility are key components of Kate’s training philosophy. Fitness training is a way of life that allows you to live life to the fullest each day.

Natalie Woods
Certifications: AFAA personal trainer, Arthritis Foundation exercise instructor, Balanced Body Reformer Pilates level I & level II, FITour Indoor cycling
Fitness Expertise: I have 12 years in the fitness industry. I work with people of all ages and fitness levels. I design fitness programs from sports training to weight loss and injury prevention.
Fitness Interests: Cardio circuit, functional training, and flexibility training.
Personal Philosophy: There are no quick fixes! I am dedicated to helping you make healthy lifestyle changes.