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J Club Plus

About the Program
Grades K-5
Every year, the MJCC has offered our J Club after-school program for children who need a safe and fun place to be after the school day is over while parents are still at work. This year we recognize that many children will need a place to participate in their school’s virtual learning in addition to the safe and fun experience we offer in J Club.

Starting August 31st, in addition to our typical J Club options for those who will be attending school in-person, we are offering J Club Plus for children in grades K-5. J Club plus is for all MJCC Members and Non-members who participated in our 2020 Summer Camp program. J Club Plus will provide a safe environment for your child to thrive and remain motivated to attend virtual classes, complete their educational requirements, and provide enrichment enhancers through fun and impactful MJCC activities.

Children will be broken up into age appropriate cohorts for online learning. Each cohort will have dedicated MJCC staff in the room to assist with online learning (logging in and helping with assignments are examples of how our staff will assist your child). It is important to note that our staff are not educators, but will assist as much as possible.

MJCC staff will also offer enrichment opportunities throughout the day for when your child is not participating in online learning. Activities will include arts and crafts, sports, outdoor play, and more. These enrichment opportunities will provide your child with the social interactions that they would normally experience in school.

All rooms will have WiFi access for those with iPads and other mobile devices. Rooms will also be hardwired for those with laptops. All children will need to provide their own device, headphones with a microphone, charger, and school supplies.

All children enrolled will be expected to follow the MJCC safety protocols outlined below.

Hours of Operation
Monday–Friday: 8:00am–6:00pm

If your child’s online learning begins earlier than 8:00am or if you would like to discuss earlier options, please contact Emma Gowan at egowan@jccmemphis.org or (901) 259-9224.

Registration Information and Fees
Fees will be charged on the 21st of each month for the following month’s service. Everyone will need to have a card on file for automatic payments. The MJCC recognizes that school situations are fluid and we are offering a 2 week cancellation policy. All families enrolling will need to fill out an online learning questionnaire to help us better meet the needs of each child. To register for J Club Plus, contact Emma Gowan at egowan@jccmemphis.org or (901) 259-9224 to request enrollment and payment plan forms as well as the link to the online questionnaire.

MJCC Members - $750
Non-Members - $940

To participate in J Club Plus, you must have a membership at the MJCC or have participated in our 2020 Summer Camp Program. If you are interested in purchasing a membership to have access to this program and everything else the MJCC offers, please contact our Member Services Desk at (901) 761-0810 and ask to speak with someone in our Member Services Department.

All children will need to provide their own device, headphones with a microphone, charger, and school supplies.

Safety Protocols

  • Each day all children will be required to submit to a daily temperature check (must be below 99.5) and a health screening questionnaire before being allowed into the facility. Parents will then walk their child directly to their cohort room and drop them off at the door. Parents may not enter the cohort room.
  • All children and parents will be required to wear a facemask while on the MJCC campus
  • If someone in the household has traveled outside of the greater Memphis area, if a member of the household tests positive for COVID-19, or if a child or staff member of JClub Plus tests positive for COVID-19 we will follow the current guidelines and recommendations provided by the Shelby County Health Department and CDC.
  • Cohort size will be determined based on guidelines provided by the Shelby County Health Department and CDC
  • Each child must bring their own headphones with microphone, laptop or appropriate mobile device, charger and school supplies
  • Children will have the same workspace each day with their own tabletop screen shield provided by the MJCC
  • During enrichment opportunities, your child might be with children from one of our other cohorts
  • The MJCC will provide daily cleaning and disinfecting of each room
  • Each student must provide their own lunch and morning snack. The MJCC will provide an afternoon snack at approximately 4:00pm. If a second snack is needed before 4:00pm, please send one with your child.

For questions about J Club Plus, please contact Jonathan Gowan, Camp and Youth Assistant Director, at jgowan@jccmemphis.org or (901) 259-9237.

For information on our J Club After-School Program, please visit www.jccmemphis.org/jclubafterschool.