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Sarah Megan Jenkins presents "Awakened by the Storm"
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 2, from 5:30–7:30pm
In the gallery: August 2–30
This collection of work takes the viewer on a journey through various weather conditions that cycle through the land. Heavy winds and rain become a destructive force, while at the same time it cleanses and refreshes the Earth. When the storm is overhead and the winds and rain surround you, the calm and safety of a clear sky seems so far away. Much like in life, troubles arise, confront and often consume us, we must remember that the storm will pass, the sun will return, and it will give new life.

Native to Oxford, Mississippi, Sarah Megan Jenkins studied Painting at Memphis College of Art in Tennessee, completing her degree in 2010. Sarah relocated outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, where she now lives and paints full time.


Dana Finimore presents "Co-Evolve", a Juxtaposition of mixed media and meta
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 6, from 5:30–7:30
In the gallery: September 5–28
The core of my work is centered in the ideology that humans possess an evolutionary tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. My relationship with nature is symbiotic, and as an artist, my work is a form of advocacy for the landscape, a kind of artistic preservation tactic.

Working in metal and mixed media, which includes the addition of gathered items discovered on site, I work intuitively so that the execution is reactionary. The ritualistic use of found materials speaks of my reverence for the land and gives the work a tangible link to the subject.

I break down the terrain into a series of marks, textures, and shapes. Although the wearable sculptures and paintings are closely related, they ultimately co-evolve as separate pieces during my process. This reciprocal act lends itself to making work that is completely responsive to the renewal of body and mind that I experience while spending time in nature.

If you have questions about the Shainberg Gallery, please contact Marcy Stagner, Program Director for Cultural Arts and Adult Services, at (901) 259-9230 or mstagner@jccmemphis.org.

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