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Kosher Pantry at JFS

In response to the Memphis Jewish Community, JFS opened a kosher pantry January 2016. JFS provides shelf-stable food to supplement the frozen meal program and serves those who are food insecure but ineligible for the frozen meals. For more information or to make a donation, please contact JFS at (901) 767-8511.

How to Donate
Drop off at a bin located in the MJCC lobby or:
    JFS at the MJCC
    6560 Poplar Avenue
    Memphis, TN 38138
    (901) 767-8511

Kosher Pantry Wishlist

Kosher Food Non-Food Items

Bars-Granola, Fig, Protein
Canned fruit in juice (not heavy syrup)
Canned vegetables (preferably low sodium)
Cereal (low in sugar), for example:
    Cream of Wheat
Coffee (decaf or regular)
Fruit Juice(prefer no added sugar)
Milk (boxed)
Pasta Sauce
Peanut Butter
Rice (prefer brown)
Salmon (cans or pouches)
Seasonings (prefer No Salt)
Soup (can or box)
Senior Protein drinks (Ensure)
Tea (regular, herbal)
Tuna (cans or pouches in water)

Paper Towels
Soap (bar or liquid)
Body Lotion
Laundry detergent pods
Dish soap



Toiletries and paper products:

Toilet paper


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