Shlicha's Corner

“Home is where our story begins”

This is my story. It begins in my beloved country of Israel, with all my family, friends, and lifetime experiences. It continues to be written here in Memphis, among this wonderful Jewish community and all the experiences to come throughout my Shlichut. This blog is a way for me to share my feelings, stories, and thoughts with y’all. I hope you will enjoy and feel connected!

1-31-19: Family day, Mother’s Day and what's in between

12-26-18: Who Runs the World?

11-1-18: Only love will defeat all of the tears

10-24-18: Remembering the Assassination, Fighting for the Democracy

9-7-18: Tradition, My Grandpa's Tangerine, and A New Home

9-23-18: Shlomit's Sukkah, My Kitchen, and New Friends

Please stop by and say hello! I'd love to meet you. My office is located next to the gym. I can be reached at or (901) 259-9245.