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Collecting Miles For Sarit

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January 2–February 9

This is a unique partnership with the MJCC Fitness Center in memory of Sarit Sneor, a fallen soldier from Memphis' partner city in Israel -Shoham. We invite you to join our fitness challenge of obtaining 56 miles in workouts in 30 days!

Sarit Shneor, of blessed memory, was born in 1984, a daughter to Zehava and Shimon and sister to Chen, Yuval, and Tair. Sarit grew up in Shoham, Israel. She was excelled in sports and participated in various programs for athletes in school. On October 24, 2003, while in her army service as an Observation Post Commander, Sarit was killed in a terrorist attack on her army base near the Gaza border. Her parents decided to honor her memory by establishing an annual 2-day relay race, called “Returning Home”, in which Shoham High School seniors, right before their army service, run from Sarit's army base to Shoham, a distance of 56 miles.

The race symbolizes values of dedication, determination, as well as the love for the land of Israel. It has become a celebration of unity, hope, and continuity, and of the memory of a beloved young woman who made the ultimate sacrifice for her country.

We invite you to join the race, by participating in our fitness challenge of obtaining 56 miles in workouts in 38 days! Those who reach this goal will be honored at a special ceremony in the presence of Sarit's Mother on February 11th.


Q: How can I log-in my miles?
A: You can log your miles online at the MJCC website/ manually at the MJCC gym, in a personal log sheet.

Q: How can I track my progress?
A: Each participant will get a weekly update of their progress by email. You can also follow your progress by using personal log-sheet. You will also get an email notification when you complete the 56 miles!

Q: Do I need to sign up for participation in the program?
A: No. As soon as you log your first workout, you are automatically added to our list of participants.

Q: What types of workouts are excepted as part of the challenge?
A: Any type of training measured in miles is considered.

Q: Do I have to workout at the MJCC for it to count?
A: No. You can workout anywhere and it still counts, as long as you don't forget to log your miles.

Q: What happens if I complete the challenge?
A: Along with the personal feeling of achievement, those who complete the challenge will be recognized in a special closing ceremony, in the presence of Zehava Shneor, Sarit's mother. Zehava will visit Memphis from Israel in February, courtesy of Memphis Jewish Federation and P2G (The Memphis-Shoham Partnership).

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Questions? Please contact Meitav, MJCC Community Shlicha, at mmenachem@jccmemphis.org or (901) 259-9245.