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CJLL Israeli in Residence Series

Erez Kaganovitz
Israeli Artist in Residence

Erez is the Human behind Humans of Tel Aviv. A lover of photography and storytelling, he studied Journalism and International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, but discovered his passion for photography in India on the banks of the Ganga river.

After finishing his studies, he moved to Tel Aviv and discovered a place where every character in the city has their own story, attitude, and unique perspective just waiting to be uncovered. This unbelievable sense of diversity coupled with his curiosity brought him to wander the streets of Tel Aviv with his camera.
In the beginning, he just posted the pictures and stories to his Facebook account, but in 2012, he stumbled upon Humans of New York. After 24 hours, he decided to open his own ‘Humans of’ page, but to give it a personal twist. To date he’s taken nearly 1000 portraits and stories, and has met the most fascinating Humans Tel Aviv has to offer along the way.

While in Memphis, Erez will lecture on the social fabric of Tel Aviv, sharing what he’s learned through his art, and using the life stories of different ‘Humans’ to offer a ‘Tel Aviv 101’ insight into the most liberal and diverse city in the Middle-East. He will also speak about how Tel Aviv serves as a laboratory to explore democracy, human rights, and the public sphere, and offer a public workshop where participants will learn the art of telling stories with street photography. Erez’s residency project will be to create a ‘Humans of Jewish Memphis’ that we can cherish and share for years to come. See more information on the 70 Faces Project below.

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The Social Fabric of Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is by far one of the most multicultural cities in the world. In this lecture, MJCC Israeli Artist in Residence Erez Kaganovitz will share what he has learned after photographing over 1,000 life stories for his Humans of Tel Aviv project, including specifically what he has learned about Tel Aviv and Israel. The amazing social fabric of Tel Aviv will be unraveled for you by the life stories of the different Humans who participated in his project.

This lecture can also function as a "Tel Aviv 101" for those who want to better understand why Tel Aviv is the most liberal city in in the Middle-East.

Human Rights and the Public Sphere
Tel Aviv's public sphere is comprised of many different social gropus that are able to live together in peace, respect, and dignity. But the contrasts between different values are still felt within the streets of Tel Aviv and raise interesting questions about the boundaries of democracy. Using photographs from the Humans of Tel Aviv project, MJCC Israeli Artist in Residence Erez Kaganovitz will lead us together in exploring the subtle, but present tensions among the different social groups in Tel Aviv, and use the city as a laboratory to explore democracy, human rights, and the public sphere.

This lecture was designed for and therefore best suited to school students in 5th grade through University students.

70 Faces Project

The 70 Faces Project is a joint program with Memphis’ sister city in Shoham, Israel. Through the art of photography and storytelling, this project will capture 70 individuals living in Memphis along with their unique story (a Humans of Jewish Memphis), and will be mirrored by the same project happening in Shoham. Through this project, we will enjoy a glimpse into the lives of those living in both communities and thereby foster a better understanding of our beautiful diversity as well as the deep connection that already exists between us. The exhibitions will be presented side by side in Memphis at the MJCC and in Shoham, and will help foster the partnership between our two communities.

This project is made possible in part by JCP’s Shoham partnership and through the MJCC’s Israeli in Residence program, which is hosting Erez Kaganovitz, founder of Humans of Tel Aviv. Erez will train volunteer community members on the art of photography and storytelling who will then help produce JCP’s component of the joint 70 Faces Project. These photojournalists will learn from Erez through shadowing and mentorship while he is here, and will then continue to work with subjects living in Memphis to capture their photograph and story to be included in the 70 Faces Project.


This program is made possible by a grant from the
Lemsky Endowment Fund of the Memphis Jewish Federation.

For more information about our CJLL Israeli in Residence Series, contact Rabbi Mordecai Harris, Director for the Center of Jewish Living and Learning at mharris@jccmemphis.org or (901) 259-9227. 

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