Youth Fitness

Get your child moving with Youth Fitness at the MJCC.  


 Our NEW program, called FitRanx, will get your child grades 2-6 up and moving and they will enjoy it!

The FitRanx program at the MJCC will help your young ones (Grades 2–6) learn to enjoy fitness! Through specific research-based curriculum, Challengers will engage in new exercises each session that prepare them to test their limits and “level up!” They’ll also learn proper form and technique to ensure good exercise habits even after they’ve completed the FitRanx program. Through the use of food logs, daily habit evaluations, and many other tools, our Challengers will stay motivated to continue their health journeys for years to come! As your child progresses through the levels, they can wear their band whenever they are at the MJCC, at their school, or around town, to show everyone how hard they’ve worked!

Also, new to this program, workouts on Sundays will allow parents to complete the workout with challengers, helping further the commitment to setting healthy lifelong fitness goals.

Grades 2–4
Sun 2–2:30pm and TueThu 5–5:30pm
1/4–1/29 | $75 fee/$50m | 2376
2/1–2/26 | $75 fee/$50m | 2377
3/1–3/31 | $75 fee/$50m | 2378

Grades 5–6
Sun 2:30–3pm and TueThu 5:30–6pm
1/4–1/29 | $75 fee/$50m | 2379
2/1–2/26 | $75 fee/$50m | 2380
3/1–3/31 | $75 fee/$50m | 2381

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Small Group Specialty Training with Mike Ekanem

Trainer Mike Ekanem comes to the MJCC with experience on the AAU, college, and professional levels. He currently serves as the strength coach for your Memphis Tigers Basketball team, and has worked with many other organizations. Mike will teach performance and agility training, focusing on skills used in many different sports at all proficiency levels. Mike will also be available for private personal training through the Wellness Center.

Grades 5+
MonWed 5:30–6:30pm | 1/5–1/28 | $180 fee/$150m | 2386
Mon Wed 5:30–6:30pm | 2/2–2/25 | $180 fee/$150m | 2387
Mon Wed 5:30–6:30pm | 3/2–3/30 | $180 fee/$150m | 2388

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