Gymnastics & Cheer

The MJCC is excited to continue our Gymnastics & Cheer Program!

MJCC Stars Tumble Jumpers
Introduces young students to the basics of gymnastics.  Each session will include new games and skills, ensuring that class time is not only instructional but also memorable and engaging.  Pre K and JK Ages 3-5

Mon 3:15–3:45pm | 1/5-5/11 | $320 fee/$290 members | 2385

MJCC Stars Gymnastics Level 1

Ages 5-12 Each Participant will receive introductory instruction in basic tumbling, flexibility, and the uneven bars.

Wed 4–5pm | 1/7-5/13 | $320 fee/$290 members | 2383

MJCC Stars Gymnastics Level 2

Ages 5-12 Improve the skills and flexibility learned through the first level of training. Each athlete will further their practice, preparing them for even more fun and if they choose, entry into the competitive level.

Wed 5–6pm | 1/7-5/13 | $320 fee/$290 members | 2384



MJCC Stars Cheer Training
Whether your child is entering the cheer world for the first time or already has some cheer experience, they can join us for training in a fun and approachable environment, in preparation for school squad tryouts.

Mon 4:15–5:15pm | 1/5-5/11 | $300 fee/ $250 member | 22382


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