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Wellness Center Policies

Fitness for 10-12 Year Olds
10-12 year olds may only use the strength equipment with an MJCC Personal Trainer during a scheduled appointment. Personal Training Fees Apply. See Personal Training section for more details. After a minimum of 5 Sessions (with the same personal trainer) and the approval of that Personal Trainer, youth ages 10-12 MAY use the Free Motion strength and cardiovascular equipment while accompanied by a parent. If the trainer makes the decision that the child is not ready to workout without their guidance, further sessions will be required until approval is granted. Without exception, a parent must be side by side with that child the entire time any strength equipment is used and the child may only perform the exercises taught by the trainer.

Fitness for 11 & 12 Year Olds
11 & 12 year olds must go through a 1 time Pre-Teen Cardio Certification to learn about cardiovascular exercise and how to use the cardiovascular equipment in the Wellness Center. After completing the certification, they can come in to use the cardiovascular equipment only.  11 & 12 year olds must always be accompanied by a parent.

Fitness for 13 & 14 year Olds
13 & 14 year olds must go through our full MJCC Fit Plan to be certified to workout in the Wellness Center. These teens will learn about flexibility and cardiovascular and strength training. Equipment usage will be limited to the cardiovascular equipment and the Free Motion & Cybex Circuits (Free Motion will be taught first. If the teen is at least 4’10” tall, another session will be scheduled to learn the Cybex circuit). The certification will be given at the discretion of the Wellness Coach. Training Diaries will be completed by the Wellness Coach at the time of the appointment and should be carried around each time the teen comes in to use the Wellness Center. This will signify to the Wellness Coaches that the teen has been through the appropriate training sessions. 13 & 14 year olds may not use free weights.

Wellness Center Dress Code
*Shoes must be worn at all times; shoes may not be open toe. Hard or leather sole shoes are allowed.
*Non-altered T-shirts or tank tops must be worn at all times.
*Altered shirts, jog bras, and bare midriffs are not allowed.
*Appropriate shorts or tights required; no cutoff shorts, jeans, or thong leotards.
*No bathing suits.

Cardiovascular Machine Usage

*There is a 30 minute time limit when members are waiting on all cardiovascular machines.
*Please be courteous and respect your fellow member

*Please wipe off machine after use

Guests of Members
*All guests are required to check in at the MJCC Front Desk and obtain a Guest Pass before entering the Wellness Center

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