Swim Team

Blue Dolphin Swim Team

The JCC Blue Dolphin Swim Team is a great introduction to competitive swimming. The Blue Dolphins compete in the Mid-South Swimming Conference and will take part in swim meets throughout the year. Members of the swim team build strength and endurance in this program. The swimmers learn all four strokes, flip turns and starts. Good sportsmanship and the value of working cooperatively as a member of a team are important components. Work habits formed are the basis of future achievements.  Children can participate in as many swim practices as possible during the week.  Minimum of two.

Summer Swim Team

Mon-Thu 4:30–5:30pm | 5/19–8/14 | $300 fee/ $225 member* 
During camp (6/9–7/31) swim team time changes to 4–5pm.

*additional $250 Fee / $180 Members per sibling 

Fall Swim Team

Mon-Thu 4:30-5:30 pm | 9/2 - 12/18 | $300 fee/$225 member* | 2074

*additional $250/ $180 Members per sibling


Swimmers are able to join during a swim team session.  Contact the Member Services Desk to learn about prorated fees.

FREE Blue Dolphin Swim Team Anytime One Week Trial

We like to let new swimmers try the swim team anytime for a week to let them know that it will be a good fit before they sign up. If they decide to sign up in the middle of a session we will prorate the registration for what is left of the session. Participating on the Blue Dolphin Swim Team gives the swimmers great physical exercise and produces stronger cardiovascular systems which will carry over in adult life. Don’t stop at “swimmer”. Keep them going until they become STRONG SWIMMERS.

For more information contact Danny Fadgen at 901.761.0810 ext. 118