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“Jews of Color: A Renaissance”
Presented by Scattered Among the Nations

In the gallery November 1–30

Artist talk with Bryan Schwartz, founder of Scattered Among the Nations:
Sunday, November 6 • 3:00pm (FREE Event)

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“Jews of Color: A Renaissance” is the latest project by Scattered Among the Nations to educate about Jewish diversity, profiling some of the world’s most isolated and dynamic communities. Scattered Among the Nations assists geographically and politically isolated Jewish or Judaism-practicing communities to overcome adversity and to continue embracing the Jewish religion and culture. Scattered Among the Nations has helped the Peru’s Inca Jews, India’s Benei Menashe, Ghana’s House of Israel, and Nigeria’s Ibgo Jewish community, and expects also to provide support to Uganda’s Abayudaya. SAN endeavors to embrace the highest level of tzedakah in the Maimonedean ladder of giving — to help communities strengthen themselves. 

The new Renaissance project features 10 large (each about 25-30 sq. feet) canvasses by Oakland, California painter Sam Renaissance, paired with the Scattered Among the Nations photographs that inspired them. Each takes a fresh approach to the question of diversity, in brilliant colors, with the urban modern style that has grown his reputation from the Bay Area to New York – his original home. Mr. Renaissance, who himself is African-American and not Jewish, was captivated by the photographs’ challenge to stereotypes both of Jews and of communities of color, and hopes the exhibit will create a new paradigm in art and in people’s thinking about religion and race.


Jin and John Powell
In the gallery December 5–January 6

A trained figurative artist, Jin Powell's work integrates transitional techniques with boundless modern thought in a mixed-media format. Each work projects the true feminine experience with elegance, a beauty that seems illusory, a surreal emotion.Each work is imbued with a sense of movement, capturing the heart with a smile.
John Powell's art is a mirror of his thoughts – a reflection and outward manifestation of his physical and psychological journey. "Whether I'm working with wood, metals, or stone, and regardless of the nature of the experience, I end with something of beauty that captures a part of my being – my unpredictable life."



If you have questions about the Shainberg Gallery, please contact Marcy Stagner, Program Director for Cultural Arts and Adult Services, at (901) 259-9230 or mstagner@jccmemphis.org.

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