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BluesWax II: Cycles of Perception
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 18 • 5:30–7:30pm
In the Gallery August 15–September 16

Light from a work of art is “seen” by the red, green, blue sensors of the eye. But we don’t yet understand it until it travels to the back of our brain where it is interpreted and we finally perceive it. Each of us perceives the work slightly differently, thus contributing to and completing the artistic process that began with the artist making a mark on a canvas, piece of paper, etc. We call this the cycles of perception, and, as you view each of the pieces in this exhibit, you are participating in this process and, therefore, are a part of the process of the creation of art.

Judith Barrie

Judith Barrie currently lives in Germantown, Tennessee. Her love for art, music, drama, dance, and photography was inspired by her parents, who shared their appreciation of the fine arts with her through drawing and music lessons. She received a Master of Science in Educational Media from Radford University using her own photographic images, silk-screen work and music to create installations and to illustrate children’s literature. She has studied art in southern Spain, the Umbrian region of Italy, numerous local workshops, as well as the Memphis College of Art, and the University of Memphis. Judith displayed work in the 2015 juried exhibition at the Castle Hill Gallery, in Truro MA, and recently was the recipient a scholarship to attend the 10th International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, MA.


Rebecca Chappell

Rebecca Chappell has been working in various art mediums since the 1970’s. Beginning in watercolor, she moved to oil and acrylic. These mediums almost immediately evolved into painting mixed media/collage pieces.

Her work in wax media began with encaustic and, most recently, has moved into work with cold wax. One reason she is interested in the ancient encaustic medium because it lends itself to the use of collage elements so easily. She also enjoys the medium’s unpredictability. The translucency and the unpredictability of both encaustic and cold wax offer the same appeal that watercolor had for her early in her career.

Norman Soskel

Starting at the age of four with the encouragement of his photographer father, Soskel’s interest in photography evolved through three homemade conventional darkrooms into digital schemes.
Influencing this development was the 10 years during which he studied the piano, competed locally and regionally in Virginia, and gave several solo recitals, the last of which was in Caball Hall at the University of Virginia. Combining the visual and auditory aspects of the artistic milieu continues to shape many of his works. Integral to his theses is the notion of the fluidity of art and the necessity of the viewer to the overall process.

In the last 15 years his artistic endeavors have lead to multiple solo and juried group shows as well as local, national and international. Soskel has been an ardent participant in international conferences related to encaustic painting and continues to participate in their workshops. After gaining practical acumen he now teaches workshops utilizing encaustic, often incorporating photography, serigraphy and other techniques. In order to disseminate this information further he formed a group, BluesWax, for artists with an interest in using encaustic in their works.

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