Enrichment Activities

Beginning in August!

Anything you could imagine for your child like cooking, sports, reading, Yoga, science, math and much more!


Toddler Sports & Games
Older Toddler & Transition
Your child will be introduced to basic soccer, basketball, football, and baseball skills as well as fun, interactive games during this stimulating class. In a group setting, your child will practice gross motor skills such as kicking, catching, and throwing as well as fine motor skills such as grasping and hand-eye coordination. Positive social skills are encouraged by teaching children to wait patiently and take turns. Ages 2-3. Must be 2 years old by 8/15/2014

MonWed 3:15-3:45pm | 10/6-11/26 | $158 Fee / $126 Members | 2209

Master Chefs
Pre-K and Jr. K
Cooking is a lifelong skill that can be artistic, creative and sometimes surprising! By incorporating recipes, age-appropriate culinary skills, basic nutrition, literacy, and cooperation, your child will love being in the kitchen! Ages 3-5. Must be 3 years old by 8/15/2014 and fully potty trained.

Thur 2:15-2:45pm | 10/23-11/20 | $72 Fee / $58 Members| 2207

Master Artists
Pre-K, Jr. K, K: Ages 3–6
Ms. Jennifer is excited to teach your child about different Master Artists and help him or her create a unique masterpiece using the same medium the artists used.  Must be 3 by 8/15/14 and fully potty trained

Tue 2:15–2:45 | 10/7-11/25 | $115 Fee/ $92 Members | 2205

Yoga for Kids
Through fun games and exciting stories that focus on animals and nature your child will learn about yoga and all it has to offer: breathing techniques to increase energy and decrease tension; exercise to increase flexibility through practice of physical poses; meditation & positive thinking to develop focus, gain self-control, & cultivate inner peace; and relaxation to calm emotions and the nervous system, and give their little bodies a chance to recharge.

Transition, Pre-K, Jr K, K  Must be 3 by 12/31/14 and fully potty trained.
Ages 3-6: Fri 3:00-3:30pm |8/15-9/19 | $86 fee / $69 Members | 2110

Fri 3:15-3:45pm | 10/24-11/21 | $72 fee / $58 Members | 2208

Math Mania 
Preschoolers will enjoy learning early math skills through hands-on activities, fun and educational games, and art projects with Ms. Beth. Children will explore concepts such as numbers, shapes, patterns, sorting, graphing, comparing, and measuring.

Jr. K, Kindergarten: 4–5 years
Must be 4 by 8/15/14
Wed 3:15–3:45 | 10/22–11/26 | $86 fee/$69m | 2206

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