Dance Workshops

Summer Workshops

Adult/Teen Ballet

Ages 15+

Adult Beginner/Intermediate ballet class with stretches, barre work, and center. Improve posture and control your body. Prior dance experience recommended.

Wed 8:15–9:15pm | 6/11–Ongoing |$135 for 10-class card Class card good for one senester. Or, pay as you go: $15 per class!

Structuring Choice

Ages 15+

This is a workshop series in contemporary dance. It offers a combination of "releasebased" modern dance technique, improvisation, and phrasework encouraging the exercise of finding individual voice in existing material.

Mon 7:30–9pm | 6/9–6/30 | $54 fee | 1797 Or, pay as you go: $15 per class!


Grades K–3

This summer sampler is a great way for children to learn the first steps of tap by combining imagination and creativity along with the basic tap fundamentals. This is a preliminary tap class, a perfect introduction to tap.

Wed 4:30–5:30pm | 6/11–7/2 | $60 fee/$50m | 2013
Wed 4:30–5:30pm | 7/9–7/30 | $60 fee/$50m | 2136


Grades 1–5

This summer sampler is a great way for children to learn the first steps of Jazz. Jazz dancers will learn the basic fundamentals, turns, leaps, progressions across the floor, and beginner center combinations.

Tue 4:30–5:30pm | 6/10–7/1 | $60 fee/$50m | 2014
Tue 4:30–5:30pm | 7/8–7/29 | $60 fee/$50m | 2137

Dance Fusion: Kids

Grades 1–5

Dancing is fun! This summer sampler class will combine contemporary music and the very best of many styles of dance—the high energy leaps and turns from ballet, the style and funk from hip-hop, the pizzazz from jazz, and the freedom of creative movement and improvisation. Every class will be an adventure. Come join the mix once a week!

Mon 4:30–5:30pm | 6/9–6/30 | $60 fee/$50m | 2015
Mon 4:30–5:30pm | 7/7–7/28 | $60 fee/$50m | 2138

Movers & Shakers

Ages 3–5

This summer sampler is a creative movement class that keeps up with the high energy and excitement of the summer. Dancers will stay active to upbeat music while using their imaginations during a varieity of fun dance games and movement activities all based on an assortment of summertime themes.

Thu 4:30–5:30pm | 6/12–7/3 | $60 fee/$50m | 2016
4:30–5:30pm | 7/10–7/31 | $60 fee/$50m | 2139


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