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Dance Class Schedule

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Movers & Shakers
Ages 2 ½–3 • Older Toddler and Transition
Joyful and fun creative movement class! Sometimes students are animals, clouds, or snowflakes! Above all, they are encouraged to be their own dancing selves. Must be potty trained.
Wed 3:30–4:15pm | 8/17–12/14 | $375 fee/$300m | Class# 3578
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Children learn tap by combining imagination and creativity along with the basic fundamentals and traveling across floor. Tap is a great way for dancers to develop confidence in their movement as it relates to musicality and coordination.

Level I: Ages 3–4 • Grades Pre-K and JK
Tue 3:30–4:15pm | 8/16–12/13 | $276 fee/$221m | Class# 3580
Level II: Ages 5–8 • Grades K–2
Tue 4:30–5:30pm | 8/16–12/13 | $276 fee/$221m | Class# 3585
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Dance Fusion
Does your child dance around the house and make up their own movements to favorite songs? This class is for them. This class will combine contemporary music and the best of many styles of dance.

Level I: Ages 3–4 • Pre-K and JK
Mon 3:30–4:15pm | 8/15–12/12 | $276 fee/$221m | Class# 3581
Level II: Ages 5–8 • Grades K–2
Mon 4:30–5:30pm | 8/15–12/12 | $276 fee/$221m | Class# 3586
Level III: Ages 8–12 • Grades 3–6
Mon 5:30–6:30pm | 8/15–12/12 | $276 fee/$221m | Class# 3589
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Hip Hop
Dancers will study a variety of core movements which they will combine in a structured improvisational setting and develop their own style and expression of movement.

Level II: Ages 8–10 • Grades 2–4
Sun 1–2pm | 8/14–12/11 | $313 fee/$250m | Class# 3584
Level III: Ages 12–18 • Grades 5–12
Sun 2-3pm | 8/14–12/11 | $313 fee/$250m | Class# 3588
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Ages 12–18 • Grades 5–12
Dancers will be exposed to a wide variety of advanced movement exercises combining contemporary, lyrical, ballet, jazz, and creative movement with an emphasis on personal expression and creativity. Modern dance styles include both specific techniques and experimentation, so previous dance training is recommended.
Mon 6:30–7:30pm | 8/15–12/12 | $276 fee/ $221m | Class# 3590
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Ballet Classes - 
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Ballet I

Age 3–5 • Grades Pre-K–JK
Students will love to engage their sense of play and imagination, and creative, improvisational experiences are always a part of class. This class provides students with strong and supportive preliminary skills and abilities that prepare them for Ballet II. If your child is a 3 year old that has not taken any dance class before they may be required to take one semester of Movers & Shakers before joining this Level I dance class.
Thu 3:30–4:15pm | 8/18–12/15 | $375 fee/$300m | Class# 3579

Ballet II
Ages 5–7 • Grades K–1
A traditional ballet class, gently incorporating discipline with a class structure of warm-ups and very basic barre and center work.
Wed 4:30–5:30pm | 8/17–12/14 | $353 fee/$282m | Class# 3582

Ballet III
Introduces the structure of the beginning ballet class, but more is expected from the students as their attention span and physical strength develop. Students will learn more about turn-out and correct body placement. The length and difficulty of barre work will increase throughout the semester, and center work will become more complicated.
There are two levels of Ballet III: "A" is for dancers who just graduated from Ballet II in Spring 2015, and "B" is for those who took a semester of Ballet III in Spring 2015.

Ballet III-A: Ages 6–8 • Grades 1–2
For dancers who graduated from Ballet II in Fall 2015/Spring 2016.
Sun 10:30–11:30am | 8/15–12/11 | $475 fee/$380m | Class# 3587

Ballet III-B: Ages 6–9 • Grades 1–3
For dancers who took Ballet III in Fall 2015/Spring 2016.
Sun 9:30–10:30am | 8/14–12/11 | $475fee/$380m | Class# 3592
Wed 5:30–6:30pm | 8/17–12/14 | $448 fee/$358m | Class# 3591

Pointe Prep
Ages 11–18 • Grades 5–12
Taken in conjunction with Ballet V & VI. Specific strength and conditioning exercises and barre work are completed each class to develop the ability to go onto pointe. Dancers will only advance to pointe after an evaluation by the instructor and a consultation between the dancer, dancer's parents, the instructor, and the dance school director. Previous training required. New students: please call for placement.
This is a conditioning class only. Dancers will not perform a recital piece for this class, so they will not owe a recital fee for this class. Instead, there will be an end-of-year presentation in the dance studio for parents to attend.
Tue 5:30–6:45pm | 8/16–12/13 | $240 fee/$194m | Class# 3595

Ballet V
Ages 11–18 • Grades 5–12
Intermediate Ballet level with more challenging barre and center work. Dancers interested in advancing to dancig on pointe are highly encouraged to take Pointe Prep class in conjunction with this class. Previous training required. New students: please call for placement.
Thu 6:30–8:30pm | 8/17–12/15 | $725 fee/$580m | Class# 3596

Ballet VI
Ages 13–18 • Grades 9–12
Advanced Ballet level with appropriately complicated barre, center, and pointe work. Ballet VI dancers may choose, at no additional registration fee, to participate in either Hip Hop III (Sundays 2-3PM) or Modern (Mondays 6:30-7:30PM). Previous training required. New students: please call for placement.

Ballet VI dancers owe recital fees in the Spring for the Ballet VI piece and any Hip Hop or Modern pieces. Ballet VI students will also participate in the Pointe Prep end-of-year presentation.

Ballet VI Schedule:

Pointe Prep Tue 5:30–6:45pm

Extended Centre Work Tue 6:45–8:15pm

Ballet Thu 6:30–8:30pm

OPTIONAL: Hip Hop III or Modern See Hip Hop III or Modern for course description details.

Above Days/Times | 8/14–12/15 | $1,125 fee/$900m | Class# 3597

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