Dance Class Schedule


Spring Dance Classes

January 4- May 6


Movers & Shakers
Ages 2½–3 • Older Toddler & Transition 
Must be fully potty trained
$375 fee/$300 member
Wednesdays 3:15–4pm
Joyful and fun creative movement class! Sometimes students are animals, clouds or snowflakes, but above all, they are encouraged to be their own dancing selves.

Discovery Dance
Ages 3–4 • Pre-K
$375 fee/$300m
Wednesdays 4:15–5pm 
A creative movement class that keeps up with the high energy and excitement of the students. Dancers will stay active to upbeat music while using their imaginations during a variety of fun dance games and movement activities.

Dance Fusion
Ages 6–11 • Grades 1–5
$306 fee/$245m
Thursdays 4:30–5:30pm
Combines contemporary music and the best of many styles of dance: the high-energy leaps and turns from ballet, the style and funk from hip hop, the pizzazz from jazz, and the freedom of creative movement and improvisation.

Hip Hop
Ages 4–7 • Grades Jr. K–1
$306 fee/$245m
Sundays 1–1:45pm
Open to all students without any prior dance experience. It provides a structured method of learning in a fun-filled and vibrant class environment.

Advanced Hip Hop
Ages 11–18 • Grades 5–12
$306 fee/$245m
Sundays 2–3pm
More difficult and challenging hip hop movement work. Previous dance experience is recommended.

Tap I
Ages 4–7 • Grades Jr. K–1
$306 fee/$245m
Tuesdays 5–5:45pm
Children learn the first steps of tap by combining imagination and creativity along with the basic fundamentals. This is a preliminary tap class.



Tap II
Ages 8–12 • Grades 3–6
$306 fee/$245 member
Sundays 1–2pm
Intermediate class for students with at least 2 years of tap experience. They should be confident in their knowledge of fundamental steps and comfortable traveling across the floor.


Ages 8–12 • Grades 3–6
$306 fee/$245m 
Tuesdays 5–6pm
Jazz is a style of dance that is set to contemporary music and has a ballet technique foundation. Jazz dancers will learn the fundamentals, turns, leaps, progressions across the floor and will be introduced to more advanced center combinations and a wide variety of turns. Previous dance training recommended.  

Ballet I

Ages 4–5 • Jr. K
$375 fee/$300m
Tuesdays 4:15–5:00pm
Students will love to engage their sense of play and imagination. Their experiences in this class provide students with strong and supportive preliminary skills and abilities that prepare them for the next level of training and growth. 

Ballet II
Ages 5–7 • Grades K–1
$375 fee/$300m
Sundays 9-10am
Breaks into the more traditional ballet class, gently incorporating discipline with a class structure of warm-ups and very basic barre and center work.

Ballet III 
Ages 7–9 • Grades 1–2

$475 fee/$380m
Mondays 430–530pm or Sundays 10-11am
More is expected from the students as their attention span and physical strength develop. Students at this level will learn more about turn-out and correct body placement. The length and difficulty of barre work will increase throughout the semester, and center work will become more complicated.

Ballet IV
Ages 9–12 • Grades 3–5
$694 fee/$555m
Wednesdays 5–6:30pm
Increasingly challenging barre and more complicated center. Students will start to learn adagio and pirouettes on barre, croise-efface and balance on center, small and medium adagio, and more. Previous training required. New students: please call for placement.

Ballet V
Ages 11–18 • Grades 5–12
$725 fee/$580m
Mondays 6:30–8:30pm
Intermediate Ballet with more challenging barre, center, and pointe work. Previous training required. New students: please call for placement.

Pointe Prep
Ages 11–18 • Grades 5–12
$269 fee/$215m
Thursdays 5:30–6:30pm
This class is taken in conjunction with Ballet V. Specific strength and conditioning exercises and barre work are completed each class to develop the ability to go onto pointe. Dancers will only advance to pointe after an evaluation by the instructor and a consultation between the dancer, dancer’s parents, the instructor, and the dance school director. New students: please call for placement.

Ages 13–18 • Grades 9–12
$1,125 fee/$900m
Mondays (Ballet) 6:30–8:30pm
Tuesdays (Ballet) 6:30–8:30pm
Thursdays (Ballet) 5:30–7:45pm
Sundays (Hip Hop) 2–3pm
Advanced Ballet level with appropriately complicated barre, center, and pointe work. Dancers will continue to learn different styles of dance, works from classical ballets, and original choreography by faculty or guest artists. New students: please call for placement.

 Prices are listed with the non-member price first.  MJCC Members receive the discounted price. 

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