Classes and Workshops

Israeli Dancing at the MJCC

Join the group on Monday evenings from 7:00-8:00pm in Studio 1 for an evening of fun Israeli dancing.  It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or if you've been at it for years.  All are welcome.  Ongoing

Free for Members or $5 per class or $40 for a 10 session card.

Dixon Senior Art Series: Age 60+

Color in the Gardens • Wed, Jan 14 • 10–11am
Practice implementation of higher-level color techniques in painting, specifically using the rules of complementary and tertiary colors, as well as gaining an understanding of successful compositions. 
Wed 10–11am | 1/14 | $8 fee/$5m | 2506

Impressionism • Wed, Feb 11 • 10–11am
Take a lesson on light and color with a journey into the Impressionist movement, learning about its process and application, and context. Work on painting techniques involving mixing color, use of specific brush strokes common in Impressionism, and subject matter choice. 
Wed 10–11am | 2/11 | $8 fee/$5m | 2507

Printmaking • Wed, March 11 • 10–11am
Learn the basics and history of printmaking. Participants will create prints, while learning compositional planning and making historical and cultural connections. Idea generation and application will be emphasized. 
Wed 10–11am | 3/11 | $8 fee/$5m | 2508

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Ancestor Hunting
Learn basic genealogy, starting with how to search for your family’s historical census records. Ages 50+
Wed 12:30–2pm | 1/7–3/18 | $75 fee/$60m | 2360

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MJCC Lobby Torah Presentation
Mon, Jan 12 • 12:30pm FREE
Meet Barrie Weiser, former MJCC Executive Director, in the MJCC Lobby to learn the history of our special Torah. 



Life Coaching with Jen Frank!

Setting Goals for 2015
Join Certified Professional Coach, Jen Frank, and plan to achieve your best self this year. We’ll identify smart goals, actions to achieve them, and discuss potential setbacks as well as support. Ages 18+
Tue 7–8:30pm | 1/20 | $20 fee/$15m | 2428
Wed 12–1:30pm | 1/21 | $20 fee/$15m | 2429

Change Your Life with The Four Agreements
Jen Frank will lead a four-meeting series based on Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements. In a supportive, empowering group environment, Jen will help you apply the agreements to your life. Ages 18+
Wed 12–1pm | 2/4–2/25 | $65 fee/$52m | 2430

Draw Out Your Values
This workshop, led by Jen Frank, will help identify your core values through demonstration and crafty exercises. Your values are the things in life that are most important to you - the things you care about most deeply. When you know your values, making hard choices and confident decisions is suddenly much easier. All supplies will be provided. No artistic ability is required! Ages 18+
Sun 11–12:30 | 3/22 | $20 fee/$15m | 2431

Craft Your Vision
What do you want your life to look like? What do you want to be, do and have during this lifetime? Answer these questions and more in this workshop with Jen Frank. Using exercises and guided meditation, we’ll bring your vision into focus, and then we’ll craft a visual reminder of it. Together, we’ll identify the beginning actions you need to take to make your vision a reality. All supplies will be provided. No artistic ability is required! Ages 18+
Sun 1-3pm | 3/29 | $25 fee/$20m | 2432 

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Israel Lunch ’n’ Learn
Jan 8, Feb 5, March 5 Thursdays at 12pm
Bring your lunch and get ready to learn about Israeli current events, history, and culture with Dustin, our community Shaliach. We’ll provide the drinks! RSVP to Marcqualyn at 901.761.0810 or