Millions of people are having fun learning the discipline of Taekwondo. Taekwondo’s emphasis on kicking techniques gives students a great aerobic workout as well as improving their balance and coordination. These skills are great for kids and adults. Participants will also learn self-evaluation, resulting in the realization of the student’s physical, and more importantly, mental strengths and weaknesses. These, along with the increased self-discipline, will help students increase their level of confidence, which will be evident in their life outside of Taekwondo.

Taekwondo Classes:

Beginner Taekwondo
This class focuses on basic Taekwondo stances, blocks and strikes.  Some semester goals include testing for a new rank and improving self control, balance, coordination, memory and strength. 

Jr. K, Kindergarten
TueThu 2:15–3pm | 1/6–2/26 | $250 fee/$200m | 2452
TueThu 2:15–3pm | 3/2–4/2 | $160 fee/$125m | 2456

Kindergarten–Grade 3
TueThu 3:30–4:15pm | 1/6–2/26 | $250 fee/$200m | 2453
TueThu 3:30–4:15pm | 3/2–4/2 | $160 fee/$125m | 2457


All Ranks
In this class, the entire group works together on basic skills, partnership exercises and strength training.  There is a continued emphasis on improving self control, balance, coordination, memory and strength. This class will also separate into groups to work on rank appropriate material (sparring, board breaking, etc.). 

Grades 1–5
TueThu 4:15–5pm | 1/6–2/26 | $250 fee/$200m | 2454
TueThu 4:15–5pm | 3/2–4/2 | $160 fee/$125m | 2458
Grades 5+
TueThu 5–5:45pm | 1/6–2/26 | $250 fee/$200m | 2455
TueThu 5–5:45pm | 3/2–4/2 | $160 fee/$125m | 2459


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** New Taekwondo Instructor, John Goldsmith, studied under Holly Hardin for three years.  He is a trained blackbelt and has continued his martial arts training.  He is a native Memphian and member of the MJCC.  Please help us welcome John to teaching here at the MJCC!