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Paul Edelstein and Jessica Miller
In the Gallery Aug 30–Oct 2
Paul Edelstein is one of the Mid-South's best-known artists. Born in Louisville in 1959, Edelstein was raised in Memphis, where he resides today. Edelstein began painting during his early teens. "I felt kind of lonely and depressed as a teenager," he says, "and used painting as therapy." He later received his Bachelor of Arts in Painting and Russian from the University of Memphis. Edelstein's abstract, figurative style paintings feature vibrant colors while depicting everyday life. His paintings are in numerous public and private collections, including The Meridian Museum of Art (Meridian, MS), The Museum of Art, (Jackson, MS), and the West Tennessee Museum (Humboldt, TN). His paintings have also appeared in the movies The Firm and 21 Grams. He currently runs the Paul Edelstein Gallery and Studio in Memphis and gives private lessons in painting.  
Jessica Miller was born and raised in Jackson, MS. In 1981, she moved to Memphis and the tragedy of losing her mom and brother in one year led her on her artistic journey. Her memories of those days are where she finds her inspiration. “I had so many great memories of the days with my mom and brother and I try to capture that little bit of innocence of those great times in the deep south.” Her photographs have a way to capture light and a different perspective of reality. Her intention is to use shades of light and color to gain a sense of peace.



Keron Psillas
Loss and Beauty, Creating Solace in a Land of Infinite Sorrow
Opening and Artist Lecture Thu, Oct 15 at 7:30pm
In the Gallery Oct 15-Nov 6
Keron Psillas, photographer and essayist, kicks off the Jewish Literary and Cultural Festival with Loss and Beauty, Creating Solace in a Land of Infinite Sorrow.
Psillas' project was inspired by Hannelore Brenner’s book The Girls of Room 28, which tells the story of fourteen survivors with an emphasis on how creative acts of writing, drawing, singing, and performing were sustaining and healing for them. Through this inspiration, Psillas took images of the loss of the Holocaust and layered them with images showing the beauty of the surrounding natural environment. Each photograph is accompanied by an essay that shares the reality of the image.


Shirel Horovitz: Israeli Artist in Residence
MJCC Israeli Artist In Residence Oct 19–Nov 19
Opening Wed, Nov 11 at 7:30pm

Horovitz studied in a women's Yeshiva, served in an intelligence unit in the IDF, traveled through India, and lived in London for a year as an exchange student, all before receiving her BFA in 2007 from Jerusalem's Bezalel Academy of Art. She is now working as an independent artist in her Tel Aviv studio after recently completing her Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Art at Tel Aviv University.
A socially-based artist who creates performances and installations exploring gaps, tensions, and possibilities that exist between disciplines, communities, objects, and places, Horovitz has exhibited in major galleries and art festivals in Israel and is a regular guest lecturer of the fine art department at Bezalel Academy of Art. Alongside her art practice, she gives lectures and leads art workshops with a variety of organizations.


Jin and John Powell
In the Gallery Dec 8-Jan 22

A trained figurative artist, Jin Powell's work integrates transitional techniques with boundless modern thought in a mixed-media format. Each work projects the true feminine experience with elegance, a beauty that seems illusory, a surreal emotion. Each work is imbued with a sense of movement, capturing the heart with a smile.
As a sculptor, John Powell's art is a mirror of his thoughts - a reflection and outward manifestation of my physical and psychological journey. "Whether I'm working with wood, metals, or stone, and regardless of the nature of the experience , I end with something of beauty that captures a part of my being – my unpredictable life."


If you have questions about the Shainberg Gallery, please contact Amy Israel, Director of Cultural Arts, at (901) 259-9209 or aisrael@jccmemphis.org

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