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Traces of Memory
Coordinated by

Memphis in May International Festival

On loan from

Galicia Jewish Museum Krakow

May 1–31 in the MJCC Lobby

A contemporary look at Jewish past in Poland, Traces of Memory pieces together relics of Jewish life and culture in Polish Galicia that can still be seen today, interpreting these traces in a manner that is informative, accessible, and thought-provoking. The exhibit offers a lament for the destroyed Jewish civilization that once flourished in this country, remembers the locations where annihilation took place, and gives credit to commemorative efforts that have occurred since the Holocaust. Traces of Memory features photographs by the late Chris Schwarz and is co-curated by Prof. Jonathan Webber (Emeritus, UNESCO Professor of Jewish and Interfaith Studies, University of Birmingham, UK; Professor at the Institute of European Studies, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland), who also provided the texts.


Paul Edelstein and Jessica Miller
Aug 30–Oct 2
Paul Edelstein is one of the Mid-South's best-known artists. Born in Louisville in 1959, Edelstein was raised in Memphis, where he resides today. Edelstein began painting during his early teens. "I felt kind of lonely and depressed as a teenager," he says, "and used painting as therapy." He later received his Bachelor of Arts in Painting and Russian from the University of Memphis. Edelstein's abstract, figurative style paintings feature vibrant colors while depicting everyday life. His paintings are in numerous public and private collections, including The Meridian Museum of Art (Meridian, MS), The Museum of Art, (Jackson, MS), and the West Tennessee Museum (Humboldt, TN). His paintings have also appeared in the movies The Firm and 21 Grams. He currently runs the Paul Edelstein Gallery and Studio in Memphis and gives private lessons in painting.

Jessica Miller was born and raised in Jackson, MS. In 1981, she moved to Memphis and the tragedy of losing her mom and brother in one year led her on her artistic journey. Her memories of those days are where she finds her inspiration. “I had so many great memories of the days with my mom and brother and I try to capture that little bit of innocence of those great times in the deep south.” Her photographs have a way to capture light and a different perspective of reality. Her intention is to use shades of light and color to gain a sense of peace.




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