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Steve Heard
In the gallery February 1–27
Steve’s focus is Memphis and its surroundings. Cityscapes showing the beauty and contrast of hardscapes like concrete glass and metal, balanced against the movement and flow of shadows, traffic, and the river. His subjects also include figurative paintings with texture and bold strokes, landscapes with thick layers of paint and lively colors.

Temporal Landscape
by Norman Soskel and Judith Barrie

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 1, from 5:30-7:30pm
In the gallery March 1–30
Despite the ever changing and therefore transient and ephemeral cultural landscape of the Southwest Indians, in particular, the Ancestral Puebloans, it represents universality in themes, ideals, and traditions, which are eternal. This melding of the land and its inhabitants, human and otherwise, that changes over time is a temporal phenomenon mirroring the aging process and the vicissitudes that are experienced along with life changing events, all of which are presented in this exhibit.



If you have questions about the Shainberg Gallery, please contact Marcy Stagner, Program Director for Cultural Arts and Adult Services, at (901) 259-9230 or mstagner@jccmemphis.org.

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