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Artists' Link
In the gallery December 1–29
Artists’ Link began as an all-volunteer, non-profit organization in 1989. Organized for and by visual artists in the Memphis area, we currently have over 110 members representing approximately 20 mediums. Our mission is to be a resource and support group for artists by providing fellowship and sharing of art information. We also exist to provide a way for artists to link to the community. We hold monthly program/meetings which are open to the public. Our activities include field trips, critiques by local professionals, and planned art activities in local parks and museums around the Memphis area. Artists’ Link has supported the Brooks Museum League’s National Merit Scholarship Awards and Exhibition in 2014. Since 2011 Artists’ Link has co-sponsored the annual “Incognito” fund-raiser, to support educational programs at the Memphis Botanic Garden. Our members are frequent contributors to worthy causes by donating their time and/or artwork.


If you have questions about the Shainberg Gallery, please contact Marcy Stagner, Program Director for Cultural Arts and Adult Services, at (901) 259-9230 or mstagner@jccmemphis.org.

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