Executive Locker Rooms

Now more than ever, you need a place to reduce your stress...


The Executive Locker Rooms (ELR) are an upgraded locker facility including a jacuzzi, wet & dry Sauna, private sitting area, and free coffee available to all members 18 and older.

Executive Locker Room Fees 2014

Women's ELR $300.00 or $25/ Month

Men's ELR $300.00  or $25/ Month

Couple ELR $500.00 or $42/Month

Locker Rental $120.00 or $10/Month

(Renting a locker enables you to leave a lock on at all times. You may provide a lock or you may purchase one at the Members Services Desk for $11).

Both Executive Locker Rooms (1 for men and 1 for women) offer:

*steam room *sauna *plastic bags for wet clothes/bathing suits
*whirlpool *massage room *lounge area with a TV and complimentary coffee
*large lockers *hair dryers *discounted rates on massages
*shampoo/conditioner/body wash in showers *shower towels *dressing area with toiletries