Enrichment Activities

Beginning in August!

Anything you could imagine for your child like cooking, sports, reading, Yoga, science, math and much more!


Toddler Sports & Games
Older Toddler & Transition
Your child will be introduced to basic soccer, basketball, football, and baseball skills as well as fun, interactive games during this stimulating class. In a group setting, your child will practice gross motor skills such as kicking, catching, and throwing as well as fine motor skills such as grasping and hand-eye coordination. Positive social skills are encouraged by teaching children to wait patiently and take turns. Ages 2-3. Must be 2 years old by 8/15/2014

MonWed 3:15-3:45pm | 8/25-10/1 | $113 Fee / $90 Members | 2112
No class September 1 and 24

MonWed 3:15-3:45pm | 10/6-11/26 | $158 Fee / $126 Members | 2209

Master Chefs
Pre-K and Jr. K
Cooking is a lifelong skill that can be artistic, creative and sometimes surprising! By incorporating recipes, age-appropriate culinary skills, basic nutrition, literacy, and cooperation, your child will love being in the kitchen! Ages 3-5. Must be 3 years old by 8/15/2014 and fully potty trained.

Thur 2:15-2:45pm | 8/14-10/2 | $101 Fee / $81 Members| 2108
No class September 25

Thur 2:15-2:45pm | 10/23-11/20 | $72 Fee / $58 Members| 2207

Young Scientists
Pre-K & Jr. K
Children are naturally curious about the world around them and this class will answer their questions through various games, simple experiments, and art projects. Your child will explore different themes such as weather, colors, nature, stars and planets, lights, magnets and mirrors. Scientific discovery has never been more exciting or educational. Ages 3-5. Must be 3 years old by 8/15/14 and fully potty trained.

Mon 3:15-3:45pm | 8/11-9/29 | $101 fee/ $81 Members | 2104
No class September 1

Action Arcade
Pre-K & Jr. K

Join Ms. Saucery as she teaches your child to play different types of games, like hopscotch, balloon tennis, crayon bowling, pillow sack race, chinese jump rope, and more: Games with rules provide children with an opportunity to hone cognitive, social, and emotional skills, as well as practice turn taking and good sportsmanship. Must be 3 by 8/15/14 and fully potty trained. 

Tue 2:15-2:45 | 8/12-9/30 | $115 Fee/ $92 Members | 2105

Master Artists
Pre-K, Jr. K, K: Ages 3–6
Ms. Jennifer is excited to teach your child about different Master Artists and help him or her create a unique masterpiece using the same medium the artists used.  Must be 3 by 8/15/14 and fully potty trained

Tue 3:15–3:45 |  8/12-9/30 | $115 Fee/ $92 Members | 2106

Tue 2:15–2:45 | 10/7-11/25 | $115 Fee/ $92 Members | 2205

Imagination Station
Pre-K, Jr. K: Ages 3–5

Join Ms. Beth as she encourages your child to use imagination to expand on his or her favorite stories. Through art, dramatic play, this class will heighten your child’s reading readiness and sharpen comprehension skills. Must be 3 by 8/15/14 and fully potty trained.

Wed 3:15–3:45 | 8/13–10/1 | $101 fee/$81m | 2107
No class September 24

Yoga for Kids
Through fun games and exciting stories that focus on animals and nature your child will learn about yoga and all it has to offer: breathing techniques to increase energy and decrease tension; exercise to increase flexibility through practice of physical poses; meditation & positive thinking to develop focus, gain self-control, & cultivate inner peace; and relaxation to calm emotions and the nervous system, and give their little bodies a chance to recharge.

Transition, Pre-K, Jr K, K  Must be 3 by 12/31/14 and fully potty trained.
Ages 3-6: Fri 3:00-3:30pm |8/15-9/19 | $86 fee / $69 Members | 2110

Fri 3:15-3:45pm | 10/24-11/21 | $72 fee / $58 Members | 2208

Math Mania 
Preschoolers will enjoy learning early math skills through hands-on activities, fun and educational games, and art projects with Ms. Beth. Children will explore concepts such as numbers, shapes, patterns, sorting, graphing, comparing, and measuring.

Jr. K, Kindergarten: 4–5 years
Must be 4 by 8/15/14
Wed 3:15–3:45 | 10/22–11/26 | $86 fee/$69m | 2206

Young Scientists
Children are naturally curious about the world around them. This class will answer their questions through various games, simple experiments, and art projects. Ms. Rebekah will encourage the exploration of different themes such as weather, colors, nature, stars and planets, lights, magnets, and mirrors.

Pre-K, Jr. K: 3–5 years
Must be 3 by 8/15/14 and fully potty trained
Mon 3:15–3:45 | 10/6–11/24 | $115 fee/$92m | 2204

Rockin’ Rugrats
Parents, come make a ruckus with your rugrats! Wiggle, jiggle and shake loose some of your child’s creative energy all while starting them on the right path to learning about music. Children will explore the world of music using various instruments, activities and games. It’s never too early for a good head start! Offered through the Youth and Family program. Contact Sophie Samuels at 901.761.0810 or for info.

Ages 3–5 and Parents
Fri 9:30–10:30am | 10/24–12/19 | $125 fee/$100m | 2324

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