Early Childhood Enrichment Activities

Imagination Station
Join Ms. Beth as she encourages your children to use their imaginations to expand on their favorite stories. Through art, dramatic play, phonics, and music, this class will heighten your child’s reading readiness and sharpen comprehension skills.
Pre-K, JK • 3 by 8/15/15
Mon 2:15–2:45pm | 8/10–9/21 | $58 fee/$46m | 2913
No class 9/7, 9/14

NEW! Gigglebytes
Children will learn to use computers as a tool, develop specific age-appropriate computer skills, and become safe, competent computer users. Trained teachers implement the curriculum and work with each child to help them develop important academic skills including letters, numbers, shapes, colors, pre-reading skills, phonics, spatial relations, auditory and visual discrimination, and much more!
Older Toddler and Transition • 2 by 8/15/15
Tue 3:15–3:45pm | 8/11–9/8 | $94 fee/ $75m | 2916
Tue 3:45–4:15pm | 8/11–9/8 | $94 fee/ $75m | 2917
Pre-K, JK • 3 by 8/15/15
Tue 2–2:30pm | 8/11–9/8 | $94 fee/$75m | 2914
Tue 2:30–3pm | 8/11–9/8 | $94 fee/$75m | 2915

NEW! Bricks, Bytes, Bots
Our unique curriculum ensures kids are never bored as they experience a wide variety of technical activities on a rotating basis. Children will work on laptops or tablets while they learn computer vocabulary, concepts, skills, and keyboarding. In addition children will complete age-appropriate building, engineering, and construction tasks using Duplo, LEGO, and other materials. Robotic lessons introduce robotics vocabulary and age-appropriate programming with hands-on robot building!
Older Toddler and Transition • 2 by 8/15/15
Wed 3:15–3:45pm |8/12–10/7 | $150 fee/$120m | 2920
Wed 3:45–4:15pm |8/12–10/7 | $150 fee/$120m | 2921
No class 9/23
Pre-K, JK • 3 by 8/15/15
Wed 2–2:30pm | 8/12–10/7 | $150 fee/$120m | 2918
Wed 2:30–3pm | 8/12–10/7 | $150 fee/$120m | 2919
No class 9/23

Master Chefs
Ms. Susan has great culinary ideas to share with your child this fall! Cooking is a lifelong skill that is artistic, creative and sometimes surprising! We’ll give kids a taste of recipes, culinary skills, basic nutrition, literacy, and cooperation. Your child will love being in the kitchen with Ms. Susan!
Pre-K, JK • 3 by 8/15/15
Thu 2:15–2:45pm | 8/13–10/8 | $129 fee/$104m | 2923

Yeladim Yoga
Ms. Amy Hutcheson is excited to be teaching yoga this session! Little Yogis will learn basic yoga poses and breathing practices through the use of games, art, and storytelling. We will build a great foundation for positive body awareness, motor skills, and self-control.
Pre-K, JK • 3 by 8/15/15
Fri 3:15–3:45pm | 8/14–10/9 | $129 fee/$104m | 2924

Toddler Sports
Your child will be introduced to basic soccer, basketball, football, and baseball skills as well as fun, interactive games during this stimulating class. In a group setting, your child will practice gross motor skills such as kicking, catching, and throwing as well as fine motor skills such as grasping and hand-eye coordination. Positive social skills are encouraged by teaching children to wait patiently and take turns.
Older Toddler and Transition • 2 by 8/15/15
MonWed 3:15–3:45pm |8/17–10/7 | $124 fee/$99m | 2925
No Class 9/7, 9/14, 9/23, 9/28, 10/5

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