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Pay Your Age Sundays
Looking for something fun to do on Sundays from 9am-11am?  Well look no further!  The Art House is now offering a pay your own age art time.  If your child is 3, it is $3 per hour to work with Amy and have “free reign” of the Art House.  Whether you want to paint, draw, sculpt, weave or any other form of art you can imagine, this is the time and place to do it.   All ages welcome!
If you child is ages 8 and older: $8m/$10nm per hour


Grades Jr-3

SHADOW BOX AQUARIUMS Want a beauty of a fish tank filled with color without the mess? Kids will discover 3D adn2D concepts while creating a beautiful underwater scene.
Mon 4-5pm | 9/8-9/28 | $50 fee/ $40 mem | 2119

Grades 5-7

MASTER COWS Students will create a large (4ftx3ft) cut-out 2D cow in the manner of their favorite artist, or they may use their own unique style and approach.
Tue 4-5pm | 9/9-9/30 | $50 fee/ $40 mem | 2121


ART PICNIC Everyone enjoys a picnic! Using a polymer clay, students will learn about sculptural concepts as they create mini versions of their favorite picnic foods and accessories.
Mon 5-6pm | 9/8-9/28 | $50 fee/ $40 mem | 2120

PAPER/JOURNAL MAKING Make a personal journal or sketchbook from scratch. Learn how to make the paper, the binding, and the cover, all uniquely yours.
Tue 5-6pm | 9/9-9/30 | $50 fee/ $40 mem | 2122



A Puppet a Day
Kids will enjoy crafting their own family of puppets during these workshops. Each session we will make a different puppet from a variety of supplies!
Grades Jr. K–3
Mon 4–5pm | 10/6–10/27 | $50 fee/$40m | 2252

Dribble, Splash, Drip
Young artists will create 2 paintings over the course of 4 days using everything but brushes to create their masterpieces. This messy, fun workshop will challenge and entertain!
Grades Jr. K–3
Tue 4–5pm | 10/7–10/28 | $50 fee/$40m | 2253

Animal Pillows
Students will create their own cuddly animal pillow. Starting from scratch with patterns and a variety of fabrics and sewing by hand. 

Grades 4–6
Mon 5–6pm | 10/6–10/27 | $50 fee/$40m | 2254

Recycled Robots
et’s go back to the future by building futuristic creatures out of yesterday’s recycled treasures. Students will create and build a lifesize robot using only recycled materials.
Grades Jr. K–6
Tue 5–6pm | 10/7–10/28 | $50 fee/$40m | 2255



Shadow Box Aquariums
Want the beauty of a fish tank filled with color without the mess? Kids will discover 3D and 2D concepts while creating a beautiful underwater scene.
Grades Jr. K–3
Mon 4–5pm | 11/3-11/24 | $50 fee/$40m | 2258

Paper Sculptures
Kids will create a different functional paper sculpture each day of the workshop, including wall art, picture frame, a critter and more!
Grades 4–6
Mon 5–6pm | 11/3-11/24 | $50 fee/$40m | 2256

Drawing Games
Play and learn at the same time through a series of drawing games! Students will develop their creativity, imaginations, and drawing skills.
Grades Jr. K–3
Thu 4–5pm | 11/6-12/4 | $50 fee/$40m | 2260
Grades 4–6
Thu 5–6pm | 11/6-12/4 | $50 fee/$40m | 2261

Master Cows
Students will create a large (4ft x 3ft) cut-out 2D cow in the manner of their favorite artist or use their own unique style and approach.
Grades 5–7
Tue 4–5pm | 11/4-11/25 | $50 fee/$40m | 2259

Art Picnic
Everyone enjoys a picnic! Now students can make their own mini clay picnic and learn about sculptural concepts all at the same time. Using polymer clay, students will create mini versions of their favorite picnic foods and all the accessories they need, from blankets to baskets and plates.
All Ages
Tue 5–6pm | 11/4–11/25 | $50 fee/$40m | 2257


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