Adult Basketball

The MJCC offers three of the best adult basketball leagues within the Mid-South area.  For men and women, members and non-members, young and old, all-stars and rookies, we’ve got adult basketball for everyone. 

Contact Rosalyn Knox at 901.761.0810 or for more information.

FALL 2014

Registration Deadline: August 29th at 5:00pm.  There will be $20 additional fee to register after that date.

Women’s Basketball League - Draft Tues 9/2 6pm
Mon 6:30-9:30pm 9/8-12/15 $60Fee/$60M | 2100 

30+ Men’s Basketball League - Draft 9/2 8pm
Sun 9am-12pm 9/7-12/14 | $90Fee/$75M | 2098

18+ Men’s Basketball League - Draft 9/2 7pm
Thu 6:30-9:30pm 9/11-12/18 $90Fee/$75M |2099

 Register Now!

2014 Adult Basketball League Jersey

$35 available for purchase at Member Services Desk, or on-line class #2181


Pick Up Basketball Fees:

*Free for MJCC Members

*$10 for guests of MJCC Members

*$10 for MJCC Basketbal League participants

*Pick Up Basketball is only available for members, MJCC members' guests, and current MJCC league participants.

Questions?  Contact Rosalyn Knox at 901.761.0810 or