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Youth Fitness

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our classes/programs are subject to change. Read more here about our COVID-19 preparedness. Stay connected! Click here for a list of our virtual resources.

It is important for even our smaller family members to stay active. Youth Fitness at the MJCC is very important and we strive to keep our youth moving! There are several options for youth fitness at the MJCC including sports, Fit Plan Certifications, and group fitness classes.

Kids Yoga
This class promotes flexibility, concentration, and confidence! Yoga encourages children to practice self-awareness and mindfulness in a fun environment.

Ages 2 and 3
Fri 3:30-4:00pm | 4/17-5/15 | $65 fee/$50m | Class #6617
No class on 3/10, 3/31, 4/9, 4/14, 4/16, 4/21.

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Youth Gymnastics

Toddler Tumblers: Ages 2 and 3
Must be 2 by 4/15/20 & fully potty trained
Tuesday classes now available!

We believe that developing and nurturing children's love of movement and tumbling will start them on a lifelong path to fitness, health, and wellness.

Thu 3:30–4:00pm | 3/5–4/30 | $75 fee/$60m | Class #6130
No class 3/10, 4/9, 4/14, 4/16, and 4/21.

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Tumble Jumpers 1: Ages 3–5
Introduction to gymnastics. Each session includes new games and skills, ensuring that class time is instructional, memorable, engaging, and fun!
Mon 3:15–3:45pm | 5/4–18 | $45 fee/$30m | Class #6496

Tumble Jumpers 2: Ages 3–5
An advanced version of Tumble Jumpers. Introduces children to the basics of beam, floor work, and uneven bars. Each session includes new games and skills.
Mon 3:45–4:15pm | 5/4–18 | $45 fee/$30m | Class #6498

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MJCC Stars Gymnastics Level I: Ages 5–12
Basic tumbling, flexibility, and the uneven bars.
Tue 5:30–6:30pm | 5/6–20 | $60 fee/$45m | Class #6491

MJCC Stars Gymnastics Level II: Ages 5–12
Improving the skills and flexibility learned through the first level of training, preparing them for even more fun, and, if they choose, entry into the competitive level.

Wed 5:30–6:30pm | 5/6–20 | $60 fee/$45m | Class #6493

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Did you know we offer Private Training Gymnastics? Learn more here.

Taekwando is a Korean style known for its combination of hand and foot techniques. In this class, the kids will not only learn how to defend themselves but they will also learn about self confidence, respect for self and for others, focus and discipline. This class will benefit them physically and mentally, but will also be fun and stimulating!

Ages 3-5
Sun 10:30–11:00am | 5/3–17 | $45 fee/$30m | Class #6497
No class 4/12.

Ages 6-11
Mon 5:15–6:15pm | 5/4–18 | $60 fee/$45m | Class #6500

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For more information, contact Mandy Kelley, Fitness Center Director, at or (901) 259-9212.