Due to the exciting renovations of our facility, the lobby and main entrance will be inaccessible Friday, April 28 through Sunday, April 30. The Member Services Desk staff is temporarily relocated to the Sports & Fitness Desk. Members and visitors should enter/ exit through the set of doors located near the Sports & Fitness Desk/ outside flag pole. We appreciate your patience during this time and apologize for any inconvenience.


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T-60 Series

A spin on the traditional triathlon - everyone starts together and finishes together. Swim, Bike and Run! Travel as far as you can in each 20-minute segment. Each month, results will be posted so you can gage your improvement. All participants must be 18+.

16 Swimmers – 16 Bikers – 16 Runners
• Three 20-minute segments, back to back
• Total of two 2-minute transition times between segments
• Rotation every 20 minutes
• Random draw at check-in to assign your starting segment

$30 Community / $20 Member (PER DATE & TIME)
Maximum of 96 participants for each date.

Sunday • 8:30–9:30am

May 7 | Registration #4184
June 4 | Registration #4276
July 9 | Registration #4297
August 6 | Registration #4299


Sunday • 10:30–11:30am

May 7 | Registration #4185
June 4 | Registration #4277
July 9 | Registration #4298
August 6 | Registration #4300


• 4 lanes with 4 people in each lane
• Choose the lane that best fits your ability
   - 2:20-3:00 per 100-yard pace
   - 1:55-2:20 per 100-yard pace
   - 1:40-1:55 per 100-yard pace
   - 1:20-1:40 per 100-yard pace
• At the signal of the swim monitor, swim as far as you can in 20 mins
• At the signal to stop, exit the pool and inform the swim monitor of the total number of lengths completed
• Go to the Bike



• These are spin bike with regular or SPD pedals so you can use running shoes or bike shoes
• Set your own seat height
• We will reset the computer before you ride
• At the signal of the bike monitor bike as far as you can
• At the signal to stop inform the bike monitor of the total number of miles completed
• Go to the Run



• The Run is an out and back – starting in the back parking lot
• You must have a timing device (watch, phone, etc.)
• Runners will follow the marked route for 10 mins then backtrack the same route
• The course will be marked by tenths of a mile. At your turn around point, it is your reasonability to identify the last tenth of a mile completed
• At the finish of the run, inform the run monitor of the farthest tenth of a mile you reached
• The run monitor will double that for a total distance run
• Go to the Swim

For more information/questions, contact Danny Fadgen, Aquatics Director, at dfadgen@jccmemphis.org or (901) 259-9208.

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