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T-60 Series

A spin on the traditional triathlon - everyone starts together and finishes together. Swim, Bike and Run! Travel as far as you can in each 20-minute segment. Each month, results will be posted so you can gage your improvement. All participants must be 18+.

16 Swimmers – 16 Bikers – 16 Runners
• Three 20-minute segments, back to back
• Total of two 2-minute transition times between segments
• Rotation every 20 minutes
• Random draw at check-in to assign your starting segment

$30 Community / $20 Member (PER DATE & TIME)
Maximum of 96 participants for each date.

Sunday • 8:30–9:30am

June 4 | Registration #4276
July 9 | Registration #4297
August 6 | Registration #4299


Sunday • 10:30–11:30a

June 4 | Registration #4277
July 9 | Registration #4298
August 6 | Registration #4300


• 4 lanes with 4 people in each lane
• Choose the lane that best fits your ability
   - 2:20-3:00 per 100-yard pace
   - 1:55-2:20 per 100-yard pace
   - 1:40-1:55 per 100-yard pace
   - 1:20-1:40 per 100-yard pace
• At the signal of the swim monitor, swim as far as you can in 20 mins
• At the signal to stop, exit the pool and inform the swim monitor of the total number of lengths completed
• Go to the Bike



• These are spin bike with regular or SPD pedals so you can use running shoes or bike shoes
• Set your own seat height
• We will reset the computer before you ride
• At the signal of the bike monitor bike as far as you can
• At the signal to stop inform the bike monitor of the total number of miles completed
• Go to the Run



• The Run is an out and back – starting in the back parking lot
• You must have a timing device (watch, phone, etc.)
• Runners will follow the marked route for 10 mins then backtrack the same route
• The course will be marked by tenths of a mile. At your turn around point, it is your reasonability to identify the last tenth of a mile completed
• At the finish of the run, inform the run monitor of the farthest tenth of a mile you reached
• The run monitor will double that for a total distance run
• Go to the Swim

For more information/questions, contact Danny Fadgen, Aquatics Director, at dfadgen@jccmemphis.org or (901) 259-9208.

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