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Self Defense Seminar

Sunday, July 23 • $60 Non-member/ $50 Member • Class #4441
The focus of this workshop is to share combative self defense techniques and principles that are simple to learn, simple to perform, and applicable against real world threats. Instructor Chuck Pippin of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been a martial artist for over 25 years. Sharaze Colley is a ranked instructor in Aikido and Filipino Martial Arts.

(price includes both sessions)

Session 1 • 9:00am–12:30pm: Introduction to Personal Combatives 101
Explore Simple, Effective, Proven tools that can save your life. Whether you are new to martial arts or a seasoned practitioner, we are certain you'll find useful ideas, concepts, and applications you can add to your toolbox!

Session 2 • 1:00–5:30pm: Leveraging Chao – Working to the Outside
In the second session, we will explore the foundations of Aikido, Leverage and Locking, and how to intuitively find practical opportunities in chaos.

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