Locker Rooms

The MJCC offers members two types of locker rooms - General and Executive Locker Rooms. Thanks to a generous donation from the Plough Foundation in 2016, all MJCC locker rooms are completely renovated.

General Locker Rooms
Access to the General Locker Rooms are included with your MJCC membership. General Locker Room facilities include showers, a bathroom, general changing space, a swimsuit spinner/ water extractor, and lockers (you must provide your own lock). Locks can be purchased at the Member Services Desk for $11. Lockers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Permanent lockers are not available; therefore, all items must be removed after daily use.

Executive Locker Rooms
The Executive Locker Rooms (ELR) are an upgraded locker facility which includes a jacuzzi, wet & dry sauna, private sitting area, and free coffee. Members also have the option to purchase a “permanent” locker. Must be 18 years and older. Large bath towels are only available in the Executive Locker Rooms and no longer given out at the Sports & Fitness Desk.

Executive Locker Room Fees:

Women's ELR: $300.00 or $25/ Month

Men's ELR: $300.00  or $25/ Month

Couple ELR: $500.00 or $42/Month

Locker Rental: $120.00 or $10/Month
(ELR lockers have a built-in lock)

Executive Locker Room (1 for men and 1 for women) amenities:

*steam room *sauna *plastic bags for wet clothes/bathing suits
*whirlpool *massage room *lounge area with a TV and complimentary coffee
*large lockers *hair dryers *discounted rates on massages
*shampoo/ conditioner/ body wash *large bath towels *dressing area with toiletries
*swimsuit spinner/ water extractor    

For more information, please call the Member Services Desk at (901) 761-0810 or email