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ECC Testimonials

"We love the MJCC ECC as do our kids! The teachers are caring and provide terrific developmental curricula. The facility always feels warm and inviting with childrens' beautiful artwork lining the walls. The ECC is a wonderful educational institution!"
- Shoshana and Dovid Cenker

"When my daughter started in the transition classroom at the MJCC ECC, she was extremely shy and didn't speak to anyone in the entire school year. Each year, she opened up a little more so that by the time she graduated kindergarten she was a social butterfly. I attribute all of her growth to the warm and nurturing teachers at the ECC."
- Illysa Wertheimer


"As a mother of two graduates of the ECC program I would highly recommend it to anyone.  The ECC provided a loving and nurturing environment that fostered an amazing love of learning in my children. The teachers were kind and warm and engaged the children in play based learning that helped them grow at their own pace.  My children were always excited about going to school and spending the day in music, creative  movement, PE, and outside play. As a parent, I also loved the core values, traditions, and philosophies taught to my kids about Judaism and the greater community that we live in."
- Jenny Herman

"The Early Childhood Center at the Memphis Jewish Community Center is a wonderful place. My son began going to daycare there when he was 16 months old and is now in junior-kindergarten. He has grown so much in his time there and I credit this to the care given by the teachers and the staff. They are amazing. He learns so much everyday in the classroom with daily activities, Spanish, Hebrew, physical education, creative movement, music, etc. In addition, the afternoon enrichment activities are a great way to get him even more exposure to a variety of things. He has taken everything from cooking to tae kwon do. As a working mom, it is incredible for him to have all of these experiences during the day and be able for him to tell me about it when I pick him up. This is really a special place and I feel confident that my son will be well-prepared when he leaves at the end of the year for kindergarten."
- Kim Morton

"The MJCC ECC is one of the most innovative and creative early childhood programs we have encountered. The directors and staff are continuously researching ideas and philosophies to improve both education and communication for the children and parents alike. The ECC combines state-of-the-art facilities, safety, and education with a nurturing, fun environment and personnel. The ECC not only has outstanding classroom instruction, but it has the optimal balance of outside play and extra-curricular activities as well. For my family, it has become the standard for early childhood care. You will be hard pressed to find a better place for your little ones!"
- Jennifer Trottman