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Early Childhood Center Curriculum

Reggio Emilia

Adhering to our belief that each child comes to us as a capable and competent learner who is rich with potential, the Reggio Emilia approach allows us to truly honor each child’s readiness level and interests. We take a project-based approach to learning as teachers work one-on-one and in groups with students teaching and observing their natural inclinations. As teachers observe and document student inquiry, projects are planned around these themes. Teachers work with students as facilitators to their learning and provide students with the opportunities to expand their knowledge through multi-faceted methods.

“Care Theory”

Equally important as academics is our research-based caring and nurturing environment. We ascribe to Nel Noddings “Care Theory” and believe that each child should feel both safe and cared for. The ethics of care argues that all people want to be cared for and that caring is reciprocal in nature. Not only do we believe this caring relationship to be central to teacher and child, but we teach children how to care for others and their world through modelling, dialogue, and practice.


  • Art
  • Music
  • Creative Movement
  • Physical Education

Judaic Enrichment:

  • An Ethical Start: a values-based curriculum designed specifically for JCC preschools to teach ethics and values to young children and support families in bringing these values into their homes. The six areas of focus consist of the following values: responsibility, dignity, kindness, community, tradition and respect.
  • Hebrew
  • Weekly School-wide Shabbat Celebrations

Enrichment Classes:

In addition to the everyday work inside the classrooms, the students participate in after-school activities lead by the ECC teachers and MJCC faculty while still learning important skills that will help them in elementary school. Please see the MJCC Scene for more information.