Microsite Inclusion Program


About Our Inclusion Program
MJCC Day Camp believes that every child should have the opportunity for a wonderful summer camp experience and it is our goal to create an inclusive and supportive environment for children of all abilities.

Our new Inclusion Program will provide children with physical and cognitive disabilities the chance to experience all MJCC Day Camp has to offer. The program will foster social connections through meaningful interactions between campers and build positive peer relationships. Staff will promote a culture of social responsibility by modeling and encouraging positive social behaviors among all campers, through daily camp activities such as swimming, art, music, crafts, sports and team building. All campers will learn and play as equals.

This is NOT a separate camp or group, and there is NO extra fee. Our Inclusion Program is a way to coordinate any extra support and accommodations campers need within their group. Campers in our Inclusion Program will participate in our Traditional Camp programs.

Who is eligible for the Inclusion Program?
Campers entering Kindergarten-6th Grade.

We prioritize the safety of all of our campers. If a camper harms self or others, or cannot participate in our program safely even with extra support from our staff, MJCC Day Camp may not be able to accommodate your child.

We do not provide one-on-one staffing. Campers need to be able to eat and toilet independently. While inclusion staff give individual support when campers need it, each inclusion staff person serves 2-3 campers, often in different groups, and campers need to be able to participate in activities in a group of about 15 campers without an inclusion staff person for most of the day.

If your camper has a physical, developmental, social/emotional, or behavioral concern and you are not sure if he/she would be considered as part of the inclusion program, please contact us. We can help determine if there are accommodations or supports that would benefit your child. In general, any child with an IEP, 504 plan, Functional Behavior Assessment and/or a Behavioral Intervention Plan would be considered part of the program.

Please note, camp is different from school! Some campers may have a hard time at school and do much better at camp, with a lack of academic pressures, more preferred activities, and more movement. Other campers may have a smooth year at school, and struggle with camp, with weekly changes in adults and peers, more unstructured time, and more transitions and unpredictability.

Inclusion Program Sessions
All campers in our inclusion program must sign up for an inclusion session. Each inclusion session spans 3 weeks of our Traditional Camp program. Campers can attend 2 sessions per summer.
Inclusion Session 1: June 1-19 (Weeks 1-3)
Inclusion Session 2: June 22-July 10 (Weeks 4-6)
Inclusion Session 3: July 13-31 (Weeks 7-9)

Summer 2020 Application Timeline
January 13: Applications open for MJCC members only
February 24: Applications open to the community
April 30: Application Deadline

How to Apply:
1. Download and complete the Inclusion Pre-Registration From.
2. Download and complete the Authorization to Release or Secure Information Form.
3. Once we receive both the Pre-Registration Form and the Authorization to Release or Secure Information Form, we will set up an in-person interview.
4. After your child has been accepted into our program, you will have 14 days to register for camp and apply for financial assistance if needed.

Questions? Contact our Inclusion Coordinator, Chaya Steiner, at inclusioncoordinator@jccmemphis.org.